We do need your support. . Your donations will help CSED to “make a difference in the lives of deaf children. CSED does not collect any fees – not a single paisa from the parents of the 70 + children. We need over Rs. 43 lakhs each year to educate our deaf children. Government funding by way of salary grants comes to just over half our total costs. CSED therefore has to rely on the financial support and generosity of private individuals, institutional and corporate donors such as you. You can help us in many ways. You can choose from any of the various schemes and activities listed below depending upon your personal liking and preference. On all your donations you are entitled to a 50 % income tax exemption under Section 80 G . In other words, your real or effective cost is only 50% of the actual sum donated by you !! The Donation Response Form is enclosed. Please fill it up and mail it back to us.


• Donations to CSED Corpus Fund : To prevent our annual deficits from recurring, our most crying and urgent need is to build up our Corpus Fund. Why ? So that we may earn interest income from the Corpus Fund investments. It is this interest income which is critical for providing the facilities we offer and for keeping up to date with modern equipment and teaching methods.

• Hearing-aid sponsorship scheme Each child needs to be fitted with proper hearing-aids which can enhance the residual hearing to its fullest potential. Average cost per child for good digital hearing-aids is approx. Rs. 50,000/- for a pair.

• Sponsor a child’s education & training [ Cost – Rs. 60,000 per year.] Not only is education free of cost we also give the children daily a glass of milk , some fruit [ usually bananas] and a midday meal at no extra cost so as to ensure that they get a nutritious diet and are alert and attentive at school. Many of our children come from very far. Every day they have to make a gruelling road / train journey to and fro from their houses . Our Schoolbus shuttles twice a day between 12 major pickup & drop points to give these children some respite and relief from their ardous journeys . This too is provided at a very nominal cost.

• Sponsor a “special “teacher’s salary [ Rs. 1,50,000 per year ] Our teachers are our pride and joy. They are specially qualified with B. Ed.s and diploma’s in Hearing-Impairment and several years’ experience under their belts. But more importantly, it is their committment, dedication and love for the deaf children which makes them truly unique and invaluable to us. By contributing towards the teachers’ salary, you will help CSED in recognizing and appreciating the self-less work they do.

• Make a bequest or Legacy in your Will in favour of C.S.E.D. or Alternatively give a donation in rememberance and to perpetuate the memory of a loved one. Many people decide that they would like to leave something to charity in their Will. This is an excellent way of giv ing back to the community . Making a Will and keeping it updated is not only important but also ensure that all your wealth is properly distributed to your legal heirs, friends and relatives in the manner you would like it to be done. Your lawyer or solicitor can help you to do this. But in case you wish us to help you just let us know in the Tear-off Donation Response Form. At the time of making a Will, all you need to decide what you wish to gift or leave to CSED . This can be a specified money amount or even in the form jewellery, stocks and shares or property forming part of your legal estate. If you have already made a will , , then simply request your lawyer to add this specific bequest by way of an amendment or codicil to your will and send us a copy thereof. Alternatively , if you happen to be the surviving family or Executor of the deceased, you can donate a specific amount of money to be donated to C.S.E.D. from the proceeds or realization of the estate. What better way to remember your dear departed ones than to perpetuate this gift or donation in their memory. Incidentally all gifts or donations to C.S.E.D are eligible for income tax relief under Section 80 G.

• Contribute / Underwite some of the major childrens’ welfare costs uch as School bus transport, midday meals etc. Many of the children come from poor and underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds. Quite a few have to make long and tiring journeys by suburban trains to reach C.S.E.D. To help keep up their stamina and concentration we give them a mid-morning nutritious snack of milk and bananas. Each day our schoolbus shuttles between 12 major pickup and drop points to make our childrens’ journey less tiring and exhaustive. All these amenities and facilities are also provided “free-of –cost”. Your specific donations, be it whatever amount, towards any of the following would be of immense help to us. Rs. Per annum ? Schoolbus running [ diesel , annual repairs, drivers & attendants salary ] 108,000/- ? Free Mid-day meals, Fruit (bananas) and milk 61,000/- ? Urgent building repairs and painting ( No repairs carried out since 1984) to prevent leakages and new water pump and connections 350,000/- [non-recurring ]

• Donations for purchase of Toys, Games, Books and other recreational activities. As with all normal children, during their recess and lunch breaks ourchildren need to work out their pent-up energies. We need to buy swim toys, bicycles, toy cars and scooters, swings, merry-go-rounds and other playground equipment for the children to clamber over.

• Purchase of major audiometric testing equipment , Furniture and fixtures, Schoolbus, P.C.’s , watercoolers etc. Although not on a regular annual basis, we have to replace our testing equipment like audiometers and tympanometer. Our schoolbus is over 10 years old and recently had to be retrofitted with a CNG gas fuel system for over Rs. 2.20 lakhs. Recently we had to upgrade our Siemens Audiometer for Rs. 5.00 lakhs. The new Tympanometer costed Re. ………………….. Whereas we do hope to find major donors for such large value items, moreoften than not, there are shortfalls especially when the equipment has broken down and need immediate replacement. As a safety net, we have a Equipments and major expense Fund from which we dip into from time to time when needed.

• Event- participation, excursions and picnics , Xmas , Diwali and other festivals celebrations. We strongly believe that just because they are deaf, our children are NOT of a lesser God than others. They need to have as much sunshine and laughter in their lives any other – in fact more so. We therefore make it a point to celebrate evert major festival be it Diwali, Dassera , Ganpati or Xmas, Rakshabandhan. This also serves a dualpurpose by making them appreciate the truth and sanctity of all religions, class and creed and more importantly boosts their selfconfidence and personal esteem. You can specify which of these events – whether to celebrate your childrens’ birthdays or academic success or any of the above festivals or for outdoor picnics and overnight trips and for what amount you choose, all your donations are equally welcome and appreciated.