The Central Society for the Education of the Deaf (CSED) is a well-established institution that educates children with profound hearing disability. We provide model teaching and training facilities in English and Marathi at both our centres, the Central School for the Deaf (CSD) and at Maitri Centre for Hearing Impaired Infants. CSED was started in 1966 by Rhoda and Adal Parakh in their living room, with just 10 students and three teachers, working on the principle of oral language and conversation to teach children with speech and hearing disability. Today, along with a dedicated band of teachers, CSED has grown into a vibrant school and infant training centre, complete with educational and specialised audiometric testing facilities. The baton has since passed on to Mary and Jimmy Behlihomji.

At CSED, we give free education to all children. At present CSD has 60 students from age three onwards, while at Maitri there are 12 infants from seven months of age upwards. We provide a special language-oriented environment for the children with qualified teachers and well-equipped classrooms. On an average, it costs us about Rs 48,000 per year to educate a child.

We also give our children a mid-morning snack of milk and bananas and a balanced midday meal, at no extra cost, to ensure that they get good nutrition and are alert and attentive at school.

Our school bus shuttles between 12 stops everyday, picking up children to give them some respite from otherwise long travel hours. It also sees them through field trips, overnight camps and picnics.